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Do you need a compensation consultant for your business?
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Compensation Connection is ready to help you build the right compensation framework for you and your employees. Through our step by step process, we will help you design a competitive and flexible compensation system that will enable you to attract, retain and motivate a qualified workforce to achieve your financial and strategic objectives.  We have expertise in these these type of engagements:

Total Reward Strategy

Market Analysis

Sales Compensation

Let us help you establish a sound total reward philosophy based on your industry and organization maturity.  Our goal is to ensure you get the highest possible return on your compensation dollars and create a win-win relationship with your employees.
Let us help you analyze how you compare to the labor market and develop a plan and system to ensure future competitiveness.  We can also help you analyze individual employee pay to determine if you are truly paying for performance. 
Confused about thresholds, maximums, targets, quotas, commission rates, and accelerators?  Let us help you determine the right strategy for your sales team and grow the top line for your organization.

Executive Compensation

International Compensation:

Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals can create conflicts between employees and managers.  Let us help you set up a system that incorporates the latest thinking in this area, improves future performance and accurately relates pay to individual performance.
Let us help you determine the competitive of your executive compensation packages.  We can assist you in determining the correct mix of compensation components, and ensure that they are properly motivated for the short and long-term.
If you have international employees, we can help you determine competitive local compensation levels and set up a fair and consistent system for making hire and salary increase decisions consistent with the rest of the organization. 

Compensation Coaching

Incentives Compensation

Sometimes you just need somebody to talk to about compensation philosophy and mechanics.  If so, we are available to provide coaching, advice, and consultation on a project basis or on a contract basis.  Contact us. 
More and more employees, outside of the sales team, are eligible for incentive pay.  Let us help you design a team or organization wide incentive program based on organization and individual performance. 

What We Do

Compensation Connection provides professional, in-depth expertise to quickly and cost-effectively address all compensation needs. Our consultants provide leading-edge, real-world solutions based on a combination of their experience as heads of compensation and their extensive compensation consulting experience with client organizations in both the for-profit and non-profit sector.  
Our consultants utilize a disciplined, consistent and transparent methodology, with a “no surprises” process which provides clients with confidence that we have the project well in hand so that they can focus on meeting strategic organizational objectives. We also ensure that our processes are inclusive, professionally complete and executed on time.
Consult With Us
Every business tries to get the absolute most they can for the dollars spent on employee compensation.  Those that are successful at this, have a competitive advantage.  Compensation Connection can help any organization maximize its returns and provide a compensation system to attract, retain and motivate a qualified workforce to meet the organization’s strategic and financial goals.

Consulting Services

Compensation Connection consultants are regularly engaged by clients to provide professional services in the following areas:

  • Total Rewards Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Job Classification Systems
  • Job Descriptions
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Salary Structures
  • Incentives
  • Sales Compensation
  • Executive Compensation
  • International Compensation
  • Stock/Equity Plans
  • Compensation Coaching

To explore our services for your organization, please email: services@compensationconnection.com ​or call: 925-324-7201
Our Approach

We work closely with clients to understand their business model, as well as their financial and strategic goals.

We seek metrics on the organization’s budgets, costs, and performance. We then design compensation programs that complement and enhance their organization’s ability to attract, retain and motivate a qualified workforce. We follow up with clients to ensure delivery and seek feedback on our services.
We work closely with boards and management to create an understanding around the various combinations of compensation components that will drive goal setting, better align pay and performance and motivate all employees to deliver maximum value.

We use various methods such as market surveys to research salary trends and project accurate pay rates for every member of your staff.  Employee compensation can focus on individual programs, group strategies, or organization-wide changes. In the case of individual programs, we incorporate your organizational goals into the compensation program. In this manner, the success of the individual greatly impacts the success of the entire organization.

Compensation Connection’s consultants can play an increasingly pivotal role in providing thoughtful, timely and fully objective compensation advice that helps organizations:
  • Attract, retain and motivate qualified people
  • Balance the often-competing interests of key stakeholders
  • Ensure that pay arrangements can stand up to the closest scrutiny from regulators
  • ​Provide management a system that allows fair and consistent compensation decisions

Developing strategically oriented employee reward programs is the challenge of this decade.  We believe in win-win results and strive for that objective with our clients.  It is still possible to management employee expenses well and still create employee loyalty and commitment.

We listen to the concerns of our clients and develop a compensation plan that meets their needs.  As a knowledgeable and independent third party, we can effectively bring underlying issues to the surface and elicit the truth. We act as constructive facilitators and catalysts for action.

We are highly ethical in our approach and are committed to being completely candid, objective and impartial throughout the process. Each and every shred of client information is kept strictly confidential during the course of our engagement and beyond.

Organizations engage us on a project basis, a contract basis, or simply to provide coaching, training, and advice to staff members. We believe our billing rates are very competitive for the level of service and expertise we provide our clients.

Don't let any compensation or incentive issue hinder the progress of your company. Compensation Connection will help you determine the right solution!​

To explore our services for your organization, please email: services@compensationconnection.com or call: 925-324-7201

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