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The videos below are free and are on a variety of subjects related to Pay Programs, Performance, Sales and Management Incentive Plans and Regulatory Requirements. Click on the Title to access the video.

​​ Giving Performance Feedback

Setting Smart Performance Goals

Sales Compensaton - Setting Quotas Effectively 

​​Start with a Compensation Strategy​

Compensation Budgeting

Incentives and Rewards 

​​Financial Terms in Plain English​​

​Pay Compression The Human Resource Nightmare

Global Employee Benefits and Policies​​

Going Overseas for the First Time --- Know What to Do

Managing Global Rewards

Global Equity Compensation Practices

Navigating the Narrow Straits of Wage and Hour Laws

A Practitioners Guide to 360 Assessments​

Could You - Should You offer A Sign-On Bonus Award

Boost Your Sales Compensation Design Effort

Total Rewards and the Art of Attraction, Retention, and Motivation

Communication Compensation with Leaders & Employees 

Everything You Do in Compensation is Communication

An Introduction to Employee Stock Ownership Plans - ESOP

Is Money an Effective Motivation for Good Performance

Auditing Jobs to Ensure Exemption Compliance ​

Enabling Engaging and Rewarding Employees​

Implementing Meaningful Performance Reviews

​​How Effective Are Your Pay Programs

​​Becoming an Effective Partner in Sales Compensation Design & Implementation​

Our Love - Hate Relationship With Job Descriptions 

Understanding Pay Disparity - Multiple Regression Modeling

Executive Compensation: When does it work best... and Why?

Effective Performance Appraisals

Complexity Simplified. Why Leading Companies Are Investing in Sales Performance Management Solutions

The Strategy Behind Employee Pay Progression

​​What You Should Know About Employee Incentives

Stock Based Compensation

Wage and Hour Essentials

Does Compensation Motivate Workers... or Not?

Gainsharing A Team-Based Approach to Driving Organizational Change

Calculating ROI for Incentives and Variable Pay

Strategic Market Pricing for Sales Roles

Title VII and Pay Equity under Directive 307